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Taylor Alison Swift Biography

Taylor Alison Swift Biography

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Taylor Alison Swift Biography

Full name: Taylor Alison Swift

Birth date: December 13, 1989

Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Education: Hendersonville High School

Occupation: Singer

Years active: 2004–present

Boyfriend: Calvin Harris

Religion: Christian

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Taylor Alison Swift is an American Grammy Award-winning country singer. When she was sixteen years old released a first debut album. In the same, she is a singer, composer and actress. Her impulsive musical tone promotes terrific success in the American music industry. Swift came to the timeline around the world when her album Fearless was released.

Taylor Swift Early Life:

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989, at Pennsylvania, United State to Scott Kingsley Swift and mother, Andrea Finlay. Her father, Scott Kingsley Swift was a financial adviser and mother was a mutual fund marketing executive. Swift won the national award on poem recitation competition for once when she was in class four. She would write song regularly from her childhood, also write a song for other children if they don’t neglect her. Swift studied at Hendersonville High School and finally received a high school diploma from Aaron Academy in 2008.

Taylor Alison Swift Career:

Taylor Swift made her debut in the music industry with the album Taylor Swift. Then she released her second music album Fearless in 2009 and get huge success. The album was one of the best-selling albums in the history of America. Love Story and Belong With Me are her incredible two hit single song this album give her more recognition. The album Fearless brought Grammy award for her and commercial acclamation. In 2008, she released all albums were sold more than forty lakh copies in the America, therefore, she became most album selling singer this year.

Taylor Swift Height Weight and Body Measurement:

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 54kg

Bra size: 32B

Waist size: 24 inches

Hip size: 33 inches

Body measurement: 34-24-33 inches

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Body shape: Banana

Shoe size: 8.5 US

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