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Matt Mullenweg Biography Bio Girfrend

Matt Mullenweg Biography Bio Girfrend

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Matt Mullenweg Biography Bio Girfrend

Name: Matt Mullenweg

Born: 11 January 1984(age 28)

Birth Place: Houston, Texas, (USA)

Occupation: Web developer, Musician

Known for: WordPress

Website: ma.tt

The blog site on the internet is now countless for the free and open source web software, WordPress. Ex-employee of CNET Network, Matt Mullenweg is a founder of WordPress which used over 16% of the web.  

In 2002, Mullenweg started using b2/cafelog software for a photo blog site but he could not get all necessary features at b2/cafelog to complete this site. Firstly, he tried to devolved b2 but after few months, he had stopped it in January 2003 and think to create own CMS software. He developed a new blogging CMS, WordPress from b2 code. Original b2 developer Michel Valdrighi also joined his work. At that time, Mullenweg was a nineteen years old freshman.

However, Matt Mullenweg was born 11 January 1984 in Houston, Texas, USA. Mullenweg was a political science student at the University of Houston, but he dropped out like Mark Zuckerberg, before completing his study in 2004 to pursue a job at CNET Networks. He left his job at CNET Networks and founded WordPress.com in late 2005. He studied on jazz saxophone and is also a Dvorak Keyboard user. Mullenweg can type over 120wpm.

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